When Visiting Westport; Do’s And Dont’s

Westport is located in Ireland and offers its visitors a wide variety of water activities for people of all ages. You can find guided tours to show you around the city on comfortable buses. You will also find local fishing guides who can take you to the best fishing areas found in Ireland. Make your reservation for a fishing guide as soon as you land in Ireland. Popular guides are often unavailable because they are in demand much of the time. Take time to visit the local historical buildings, museums and churches. Ireland offers Continue Reading »

Westport Culture And Traditions To Experience

Westport, a “heritage town” in County Mayo, Ireland, is called Cathair na Mart in Irish, which means “stone fort of the beeves.” Westport is one of Ireland’s few planned towns, commissioned in the 18th Century by Lord Sligo of Westport House for his tenants and workers. Three times Westport has been named Ireland’s Tidiest Town and was named Best Place to Live in Ireland in 2012 by The Irish Times. Westport sits on Clew Bay inlet, just off Ireland’s western coast. Continue Reading »

Flights To Westport, Ireland From Any Destination

As a popular tourist destination in Ireland, the town of Westport is easily accessible for international tourists coming from all corners of the world. Visitors enjoy the town’s authentic Irish pubs and restaurants. Additionally, Westport is well known for offering some of the best deep sea angling opportunities. The best way to arrive in this town in County Mayo is to take a flight to Ireland West Airport Knock. This major airport is located about 35 miles west of Westport.

The Ireland West Airport Knock receives year round flights from some of the largest cities in the United Kingdom including Continue Reading »

Things to See and Do in Westport

I’d like to spend this article talking a little bit about me. I have been spending the last few months talking about all the different things you can do in Westport, Ireland, but now I would like to change gears and offer up my own personal experience.

Back in the day, I barely even knew about the place aside from some research I did on the side. I was fresh out of college and I had some time on my hands before the job started. Eventually, I got tired of sitting around and I booked a flight, called a cab, turned on the Phoenix Security Choice system and took off to quaint little Ireland. I had no idea the sheer enormity or majesty of the experience.

I had been reading about these Adventure Islands so that was the first place I stopped. This resort had a wealth of physical challenges and activities including combat games and even kayaking, but my personal favorite was the Kite surfing. All that exertion made me sore (we have it so easy in the States) so I decided to unwind with a nice, calming bike ride on the Great Western Greenway before finally stopping off at Marlene’s Chocolate Haven. You think we have Chocolate down to a science; you haven’t lived until you have tasted it in another country.

There was so much more, but that is a different story for a different post.

Westport Car Hire For Your Convenience In Travel

If you are planning to travel in the near future you have probably planned the hotel that you will stay at, the airline that will take you there and the activities that you plan to fill your travels. But have you considered how you will get around once you have arrived? A rental car is one of those options, and one of the best.

Using a rental car for your travel needs is easy and convenient.I found some more information here. The car is Continue Reading »

Westport Holidays That You Can Enjoy

Westport, County Mayo, Ireland is a picturesque town located on the west coast at the south-east corner of Clew Bay. It was voted Ireland’s tidiest town in 2001, 2006 and 2008. It boasts some of the best sea and fresh water angling destinations in the world.

The River Moy is known for it’s salmon fishing and The Lough Conn provides excellent trout fishing. For the deep sea angler, Clew Bay offers a rich variety of fish including Ray, Monkfish, Conger and Flounder. The Sea Angling Festival is held every third Continue Reading »

Alternative Accommodation To Choose From In Westport

Are you planning a trip to Westport, Ireland, and wondering where to stay? Westport offers a variety of accommodations to choose from. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to find an accommodation to suit your needs.

Westport has a wide selection of hotels to choose from. Some of the hotels even include golf courses for those who love a challenging game of golf. If you would rather relax than play golf, some of Continue Reading »

Experience Of A Lifetime In Wesport

Westport Ireland is a beautiful small town located in western Ireland’s County Mayo. The town, population 6000, was created by 18th century architect James Wyatt for Lord Sligo. Clew Bay and the Carrowbeg River are meccas for fisherman from around the world. Clew Bay also boasts an archaeological trail with guideposts leading to abbey ruins and the National Famine Monument commemorating the great potato famine of Ireland. One highlight is the tomb of Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley.

Another mecca for history and archeology buffs is Ceide Fields said Continue Reading »

Adventures In Westport That You Should Enjoy

Visitors to Westport, Ireland may think they are in chocolate heaven when they include a stop at Marlene’s Chocolate Haven for a mug of hot chocolate and a currant scone. This place is a cut above the rest with their hot chocolate. Chocolate is first melted into the cup, before the homemade hot chocolate is added to the cup. Then the whole thing is topped with yummy melted marshmallow. It should be accompanied with the currant scone that will melt in your melt, leaving the plump currants to be enjoyed.
After enjoying the hot chocolate and scones, Continue Reading »

What To Do In Westport While On Holiday

Westport is located on the west coast of Ireland. Staying in Westport you will want to check into the Clew Bay Hotel, The Harbor Mill Westport, Hotel Westport, Knockranny House Hotel, or Westport Woods Hotel, all 5 star hotels for relaxation after a busy day.

Westport has a 10 day art festival in August that is host to locals and international artists, which is something you do not want to miss. One can enjoy several galleries, golf on the best 18 hole champion golf course Continue Reading »

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